Wednesday, March 08, 2017

What's My Role?

by Dale Ho

While it is passion that led me to become an early childhood educator, it is also drive to innovate and educate that led me here today. Over the years I have seen this role grow and take shape, with the implementation of FDK we have more options available to us when it comes to career choices and here in Ontario we now have a governing body, but in spite of the many steps we have taken to move forward in the industry one thing remains the same, while it is a rewarding career, it is still often overlooked.

It's no secret that early childhood educators play a key role in the most formative years of a child's life, the early years. Yet for many the reality is that things like salaries simply do not reflect the importance of this profession. This alone can have a domino effect on the industry. Early education undoubtedly faces many challenges today. 

So how can we best describe the multi-faceted role of the early childhood educator. 

We are advocates, there to champion the needs of the child.

Experts in every aspect in the development of the whole child. 

We are facilitators, communicators, creators and innovators.

We are partners in learning 

We are filled with compassion and understanding and have the patience of Job.

Our job is to nurture.

We are professionals by trade and leaders in the industry...we are Early Childhood Educators.

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