Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Make a Recycled Christmas Tree!

Every now and then I come across some really cool activity ideas, crafts and games that I have to share.  

This particular one caught my eye, posted by @misstesl... it's a recycled newspaper Christmas tree with wrapped up recycled CD's used as ornaments, how cool is that?!
Step 1. Paint the background

Step 2. Paint recycled newspaper green, cut into strips
Step 3. Stick the 'branches' on background paper

Step 4. Add more branches and the newspaper wrapped CD's as ornaments

A beautifully finished Recycled Newspaper Christmas Tree!

You can find 'Miss T Esl' over at www.misst-esl-activities.com
"It's a relatively new website with some tried resources we used with children learning English as a second language. (We means some of my colleagues and me.) The idea is behind it to share some experiece with teachers who has just started teaching or whoever needs some idea that makes them a better facilitator. Trying to take kids out of their normal routine and teach through songs, art, hands on activities, games, roleplays, group projects, whatever they can use the language without noticing the learning process." ~Miss T Esl

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