Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Resiliency Is Key

by Dale Ho

Fact; There are many children around the world who will have to work that much harder towards their goals, just some of the barriers they may face can include; physical, mental, developmental, health or socio-economic status; Adversity.
Many will defy all the odds and overcome these barriers; Resiliency. What makes these children different? Is resiliency something we are born with or is it taught?
There are just some things that all the books ever written or the self-proclaimed experts could never teach me and one of many things I've learned is just this...
We raise resilient children. We teach our children what it means to be resilient. We properly equip them with the tools they need to achieve their own personal success, but it's not enough to teach resiliency, we must model it.
We must teach our children that every failure should be looked upon as a lesson learned and merely part of the journey.
Teaching resiliency also means providing support to a child whenever the need arises, they say it takes a village...
A resilient child is filled with self-esteem and confidence in their individual capabilities.  Let us therefore remember to celebrate every achievement no matter how small, to a child it's a big deal.
Resiliency is best nurtured over time. Our role as parents truly surpasses that of any other.
Resilient children are not born, they are raised.

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