Monday, July 06, 2015

When Passion Ignites Learning

by Dale Ho

If you're anything like me, I'm always looking for new things for the kids to do throughout the year. Things that are guaranteed to keep them entertained for some time with little or no prompting from me. Something meaningful that will add value to their day and so much fun they will NOT want to stop!

The idea is to peak their curiosity, spark some imagination and keep them engaged!  A pretty tall wish list but not that hard to fill.  I start with their interests and passions, things they absolutely love to do and go from there.

" It's Just Me & My Shadow"
I'll give you an youngest loves taking pictures and also enjoys everything about the outdoors, so why not combine these two passions?  Now equipped with a camera in hand his "mission" is to document his summer vaca, giving us a new perspective on the world around us, help us see it all through his eyes.

And for those kids who absolutely love all things Minecraft...see it as an opportunity for your child to learn more about the wonderful world of programming over the summer months among many other with everything in life moderation is key, when used correctly technology is a great thing!

These were just a few examples of how we can help support our child's interests, encourage growth, development and learning, cultivate creativity, ignite imagination and just let them have some good old FUN doing something they love.

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