Tuesday, August 25, 2015

My Fab Find of the Week...The 3D Deco Light! *Sponsored*

by Dale Ho

I'm working away at a piece on decor for the blog all the whilst looking for some easy and affordable ways to update a child's room and came across this novelty find, the 3D Deco Light from 3DLightFX.
3D Deco Light

It's F.U.N, functional, affordable and a simple design update for any room. Coming in an assortment of colours, designs and characters, it looks as though they have something for everyone. We snagged the baseball themed pair of lights for the little guy's room.  The remote control is a hit!
Easy installation! 
I like to recommend kids have some form of input in the design process of their room, helps make it their own. We got the little guy involved every step of the way, from choosing a location to helping with the easy installation process. They've got some pretty valuable contributions to make too!

Definitely consider these 3D Deco Lights when planning a room update for the kids.

For more info please visit www.3DLightFX.com

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