Thursday, October 01, 2015

It's more than just blogging

Opportunities arise to learn something new everyday
She's blogging right along with me, pretty soon the little guy will join me too!

My Equine World is her pseudonym, you may have read her very first blog post already, if not head on over! The Basics of Grooming Your Horse

I believe blogging has many benefits for children and youth. In my eyes I see it as much more than simply 'blogging', children are acquiring a myriad of new skills along the way.  Literacy is the first one that comes to mind...from coming up with new and intriguing ideas for articles, interview questions, writing scripts, editing to interviewing, the opportunity we can provide for learning and growing are limitless.

The connections they make within the community is priceless, especially those within their field of interest, once they've found their passion this now becomes an open window of opportunity and the learning begins!!

Confidence is built, self esteem goes on the rise, imaginations soar and creativity is sparked.  Then there's that sense of fulfillment, accomplishment and sheer pride.

Keep in mind with all the advantages of blogging it is important to always keep safety as a top priority. 

So you can see exactly why I don't think of it as simply 'blogging'...Instead, I see it as a multitude of opportunities and experiences to connect, explore, learn and grow.

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