Monday, January 11, 2016

The Picky Reader

by Dale Ho, Hon. RECE

A show of hands if you've ever heard any of these words uttered in your household before...

"There's nothing to read!"
"Reading is dumb!"
"How much longer do I have to read?"

I'm sure there are a million more "excuses" for not wanting to read but these come to mind mainly because I've heard them too!

Literacy is a family affair
You'll notice I used quotation marks whilst referencing the word excuses and with good reason. 

Most of the time these "excuses" will have a deeper meaning and are not to be taken at face value, it's time to put on your detective cap and figure out what the underlying cause could be.

Sit and read with them to help determine the cause, are they struggling with sight words, having difficulty decoding or maybe the text is too hard? 

Look for easier books to read, this will give them a chance to not only build on the necessary skills needed to become a successful reader but a confident one.

Why has reading become so boring? Have them pick out a genre that interests them when visiting the library or bookstore. Finding a good series always helps, there will always be plenty to read ;)

Are the books they are reading challenging them enough or too much of a challenge? 

Time constraints can also be the issue especially with kids' growing schedules, help make the TIME to read.

Talk to your child's teacher or a professional in the field to gain more insight. 

Early intervention is key!

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