Tuesday, January 14, 2014

*BOOK REVIEW* Meeting Miss 405

I got a chance to share Lois Peterson's  'Meeting Miss 405' with the kids in our Young Readers Group before we took a break for the Holidays, here are some of their thoughts on the book...

"I thought [the story] was sad because the main character's mom has depression. It must be very hard for her because she doesn't get to see her mom and people in her class are teasing her about it." 
~ Isabella 

"Tansy didn't like miss 405 at first because she didn't think she needed a babysitter but miss Stella taught Tansy lots of new things like calligraphy after school. Miss tansy didn't have computers and TV so they played games and talked together every-time. I like the end of the book, Tansy ended up liking Miss Stella a lot, Tansy's mum came back and Miss Stella made her a special present For Her Eyes Only!"

"Miss 405 was a awesome story. The book is about Tansy meeting and staying with Miss Stella while her dad was at work and her mom was away.  I liked Miss Stella because she was so nice to Tansy and taught her calligraphy.  Tansy is bullied at school by Devon because her mother suffers from depression, I like how Tansy dealt with her bully at the end of the book." ~Nick

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