Monday, January 06, 2014

*BOOK REVIEW* Fortunately, The Milk

Pirates, spaceships, aliens, dinosaurs and'll find them all in Neil Gaiman's 'Fortunately, The Milk', a book where imagination and creativity have NO boundaries!

Read what Joshua (aged 7) had to say about it....

"My favourite characters of all are the Wumpires!!!! I even loved how they were illustrated.

It's all about two kids and their dad, he goes out one morning to get milk for their breakfast and ends up aboard a pirate ship and has to walk the plank, he also travels back in time and meets professor Steg. (Another one of my favourite characters!!!) and they travel around in his Floaty-Ball-Person-Carrier thing.

This book is FUNNY and has tons of adventure in it!!!  The dad's imagination in the book is crazy cool!

I think the illustrations in this book are all awesome" :)

Related Activity:

This book is not only a great read aloud for the kids but is ideal for initiating storytelling for children of all ages, whether they use them as writing prompts or for oral storytelling.

Go through the book and pick out any part that makes for a great story prompt, the following is exerted from page 70...
"Would you like to press the button?" said Professor Steg.  I pressed the red button.  There was an ear-popping noise....
Have the older kids write their own story ending, you can scribe for the younger ones or they can tell you the story, remember...there are no limits to where imagination and creativity can take you!

~Happy Reading!

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