Saturday, January 25, 2014

What's In The Box?

No need for expensive gizmos or gadgets...just a box!

You ever notice what happens when you give a child an unopened box? Their imaginations are set all a glow, their creativity is suddenly unleashed! Their thoughts immediately start to race on the endless possibilities. What could possibly be inside the box???

Is it a submarine? A spaceship...oh oh, I's a great big, hairy, blue elephant!

So how is this all possibly tied into literacy?  Simple, have the kids share their story with you. Suggest older kids write down their story idea...Is it a submarine in the box? How did it get there? Who does it belong to? What colour is it? Does it take you to magical places? What adventures would you go on?

Younger kids might want to draw their story, get them to tell you all about their picture after.  Some kids may simply want to tell you all about their story idea and that's OK ;-)

Literacy goes well beyond the pages of a book!

Have fun! ~Dale

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