Thursday, December 03, 2015

Holiday Gift Ideas from Posterjack *Sponsored*

Picking a decor themed gift to give for the holidays can be daunting - does it match their existing decor?

Posterjack makes it easy with their Acrylic Block. The Acrylic Block’s small format makes it the ideal decor holiday gift as it can be easily incorporated into any mantel, shelf or desk display - no hanging required.

The Acrylic Block by Posterjack
Acrylic Blocks can be customized to suit the personality of each person on your list. Simply choose a photo you feel best represents them and Posterjack prints the photo on a perfectly clear, thick one-inch piece of premium cast acrylic.

And at only $49.99 Acrylic Blocks are a win for both the giver and the receiver. Other budget and design-friendly gifts from Posterjack include Woodstand Prints and Photoboards.

The Holiday Gift Guide from Posterjack

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