Thursday, February 18, 2016

Calling all fans of 'The Guardian Herd' series

by Dale Ho, Hon. RECE 

In a few days we're starting Landfall, book three in The Guardian Herd series by author, Jennifer Lynn Alvarez.

Any other families interested in forming a 'family book club' of sorts? 

They say a story is best enjoyed when you have others to share it with.

It's a great chance to join in some lively discussion with fellow fans of the series, encourage a reluctant reader or just spend time sitting down together with a good book.

Here's how it'll work...

So we all start off on the same page (pun intended) we'll begin during the first week of March, this gives everyone a chance to purchase the book prior to. 

We'll have four weeks to finish the book and all within that time period I'll post related information to the blog, so things like videos, activity ideas, author info., fun facts and more.

Everyone is more than welcome to post their questions, thoughts and ideas during those four weeks as long as you don't post any spoilers!! 

At the end of those four weeks everyone will each get a turn to pose 1-2 questions to the group on the book for discussion. 

Everyone's welcome to of all ages and abilities, families, name it!
If you're interested in joining leave a comment below. 

Click on the link to find out more about The Guardian Herd series and watch the book trailer right here! 


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