Monday, June 13, 2016

The Behavioral Responses Of a Horse To Music

By Victoria (My Equine World)

This topic has interested me for many years and now I finally get the chance to research it!

Some things I'm going to look at are: What are a horses' response to music, do they differ? How and why are they so in tune to music? And can music be used as therapy for horses?

Here is what I learnt...

When a horse is stressed does music help calm him down?
Yes, music can calm a stressed horse for example, a loud thunderstorm can cause a horse to stress. Certain music and sounds can mask the sounds and calm them down.

Can music be used as therapy for a horse?  How does it heal them?
Yes. It calms the horse in a stressful situation.  Some examples where a horse can get stressed and music can be used for therapy are: Vet visits, recovery from injury and trailer transport.

What are a horses' response to music, are they different?
All horses will have different responses to music, one can have a positive response and the other can have a negative response.
I proved this by carrying out my own experiments with the help of a couple of friends.  Watch the video of 'The Behavioural Responses of The Horse To Music', we used different genres of music.

Is there a certain genre of music horses respond to more?
"...classical or country music played at a low volume will have a positive effect and help calm horses while they're resting, eating and being groomed in the barn." - Janet Marlow.
Watch the video and see if you can identify any differences in their reactions to different genres.

Why are horses so in tune to music?
Because it is a language they use to communicate.

It was VERY interesting to see all the horses response to music. I learnt a lot and had tons of fun!!! I'll definitely continue research on this topic for the summer!

Thanks Carrie and Leroy!

- My Equine World

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