Thursday, October 08, 2015

Meet the Maplelea Dolls! *Sponsored*

By Dale Ho

Just as there are many forms of play, there are many benefits TO play, as outlined in one of my previous articles ..."Play Is"

the Maplelea Friends
Imaginative play and role playing are two that come to mind when I think of the Maplelea dolls, to be honest I can't imagine a time that I was AS intrigued with a doll and as the name suggests this is a Canadian owned and operated company that has delivered nothing short of quality and affordability to its customers since 1988.  With a vast array of 18" dolls that include the Maplelea Girls, each representing the provinces and an assortment of Maplelea Friends to choose from, I guarantee you there's something that's sure to please all.

So exactly why are these types of play so integral to any child's development...they build on socio-emotional and literacy skills, play such as this also helps children make sense of the world around them, by providing the time, space, opportunity and the resources we can support this growth at home.

Both the Maplelea Girls and the Maplelea Friends come with a wide array of furniture and accessories to compliment each doll to facilitate these types of play and very much like us the Maplelea Girls comes with their very own story or you might have the kids get creative and create their very own story for the Maplelea Friends using the journal provided.

Meet Charlsea
We are the proud owners of the newest addition to the Maplelea Girls, Charlsea!  Charlsea hails from
Canada's west coast, she lives on Salt Spring Island, one of her favourite pastimes include going on adventures and her goal is to become an more of her story here. Overall I can say we are VERY pleased with everything about the brand from the attention to detail that goes into each of these dolls, the accessories and the furniture, the positive message of living a healthy and active lifestyle they portray and the stories that bring them to life for each child.

As an educator I see all the benefits of the Maplelea brand and as a parent I enjoy watching the hours of endless fun our daughter takes away from it each time as she is fully immersed in the wonderful world of PLAY.

If you would like to find out more about the Maplelea Dolls please visit their website at or visit them at their newly opened seasonal store in the Promenade Mall, Vaughan, ON.

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